10 Rules to Live By in Evacuations from Wildfires or Natural Disasters

Black Forest Fire

It’s only Wednesday and already this week we’ve experienced a severe hail storm, a tornado touchdown, and have not yet contained the Black Forest Fire, Colorado’s most destructive wildfire ever, which has claimed 509 homes.

It’s super-critical to know what to do and how to be prepared for an evacuation from a wildfire or natural disaster:

1. GO, means GO! Once evacuation orders are in place the single most critical thing to do is to physically leave the property and/or seek shelter in a safe place.

2. Pay close attention to local weather alerts to pinpoint the area(s) of danger.

3. Practice loading up family members and pets safely in a vehicle in less than 5 minutes.

4. Map out escape routes by car and by foot.

5. Follow evacuation routes; do not take shortcuts.

6. Keep a full tank of gas in car if an evacuation seems likely.

7. Be alert for road hazards such as washed-out roads and downed power lines.

8. Take an emergency supplies kit with food, water, and medical essentials.

9. Teach loved ones how to use a fire extinguisher in case of a fire.

10. Don’t return home until told by officials to do so.

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