A Green Pie…not just for St. Patrick’s Day!

As part of our culture at Pie, we are dedicated to giving back to our community and environment.  To us, this means volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, Homes for our Troops, and other local projects; as well as creating our own annual charity event (to be announced soon!).  Part of our community effort includes dedicating time and resources to help keep our planet clean and healthy.

In line with this focus, we are proud to announce our recent efforts to “go green”!

Pie goes green

As part of this initiative, we’ve installed motion-sensor lighting in the office to reduce electricity use; greatly minimized the amount of paper we use (by producing electronic reports and emailing them);  and recycled the little paper we do use (in addition to recycling cans, jars, cardboard, and etc. in the office breakroom).  We also make sure to recycle all of the batteries our sensitive electronic equipment and cameras utilize.

What efforts are you making to be more eco conscious?

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