A Look Back on 2012: Colorado’s Record Wildfire Season

No doubt – 2012 has been Colorado’s most devastating wildfire season on record. And with one wildfire still burning, we are not yet out of the red.

Burning away for over 2 months, The Fern Lake Fire (west of Estes Park) has scorched approximately six square miles, claiming one cabin. And despite this weekend’s snowy weather, the Fern Lake Fire is only 45% contained.

Year-to-date, there have been a total of 1482 “reported” wildfires in Colorado which have consumed approximately 249,372 acres (390 square miles).

The fallout from this year’s record wildfire season has left Colorado fire crews and homeowners alike frustrated and worried about what’s ahead. In addition, an influx of public adjusters have entered the claims-assistance scene; sparking a debate about the intentions of their work.

Describing their work as a necessary check on the insurance industry, public adjusters advocate for property owners and negotiate claimant’s insurance claims. Insurance-industry officials on the other hand, criticize them as being largely unnecessary players who can prolong claims, create acrimony, and cut into settlements.

Amplifying their presence in Colorado, public adjusters are attracted by Colorado’s catastrophic wildfires, severe weather, and weak state regulations that make it easy to set up operations in the state.

A recent Denver Post article uncovered the story, read more: Public adjusters flock to Colorado after catastrophic wildfires – The Denver Post.

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