About Pie

Pie is not your average everyday consulting and engineering firm. Born from the true spirit of entrepreneurship, we embrace innovation and the opportunity to provide service in all we do. We grew from humble beginnings in 1999 in Arvada, Colorado, to our present day stature as a leading forensic engineering and building sciences firm with offices throughout the nation.

We embrace the opportunity to interact and assist each of our clients, regardless of the size or complexity of their project. Passion and commitment like this can’t be faked and at Pie, we have a drive and exuberance for what we do. It’s fueled by our industry leadership and a genuine desire to deliver on what you value most.

Ultimately, we are as unique as the companies and organizations we serve.

Commitment to Character

We have been blessed with continued growth resulting from our trusted relationships with outstanding clients and an unyielding commitment to their success, while adhering to our own CORE values of:


In this challenging world of design/build and complex claims, performance will always be the benchmark of success. Pie believes that while the end result matters greatly, the journey and experiences along the way are what motivate and drive us. Being our best in all aspects of our personal and professional life, regardless of the challenges, is why our clients continue to value Pie as a trusted advisor.

We are grateful for ALL circumstances so that through those opportunities we will grow our company and continually improve the lives of our Clients, the Communities that we impact, and our Staff and their Families.

We look forward to furthering our relationship with each of our valued clients

Community Involvement

At Pie, we believe community involvement is the backbone of a healthy community. We offer all our employees Charitable Time Off to support charitable causes and non-profits that are near and dear to our employees. We believe that even the smallest of charitable contributions can make a huge impact on the community.

In order to raise the level of our community involvement the partners at Pie made the decision to create the Cherrity Pie Festival. From 2011 through 2013 the Cherrity Pie Festival raised over $70,000 for the Anchor Center for Blind Children. To learn more about this event visit our Newsroom or Blog pages.

Overall we have volunteered well over 1,000 hours; in addition to the time volunteered individually by our employees. Since our inception Pie has made donations and sponsored fund raising for many community organizations and nonprofits. To date donations and funds raised have exceed $100,000.

Client Reviews

  • HKS Architects

    HKS Architects
    “Pie did a really good job, very thorough and professional. Extremely detailed and well thought out comments and advice.”
    – Brian Cargill, Vice President

  • EMC Insurance

    EMC Insurance
    “… I have met with the underwriting manager and his staff, and they have stated it was the best Colorado Construction Defect seminar they have been to. Everyone’s remarks, Claims & Underwriting, have been very positive.”
    – Dan Hare

  • Dworkin

    Dworkin, Chambers, Williams, York, Benson & Evans, P.C.
    “When requested we have recommended engineers at Pie Consulting & Engineering as expert witnesses for our clients. They are one of the few experts we recommend.”
    – Geir O’Brien Williams

  • Mortenson Construction

    Mortenson Construction
    “On the Byron Rogers Federal Office Building project Pie is the enclosure consultant hired by Mortenson. The project has about four other enclosure consultants hired by the customer. By far, Pie has been the most integral, professional and helpful throughout the field observation process. Pie is very good at checking in and knowing when a good time is to do an observation without the Mortenson team having to schedule. The process is very team oriented. After a field observation, Pie always contacts Mortenson to discuss any potential issues as many can be resolved on the spot and can be understood before going into a report. I would definitely recommend Pie as a consultant on future Mortenson projects.”
    – Andrea Cleveland

  • U.S. Army

    U.S. Army—Installations, Energy and Environment
    “Thank you for your contributions in technology innovation by introducing building air tightness and pressure testing to Army facilities worldwide. The US Army is the first major building owner in the U.S. to require continuous air barriers with a maximum leakage rate in their new and retrofit buildings. This requirement will improve occupant health, comfort and productivity in their new and retrofit buildings. Your efforts reflect a high level of competence, dedication, and professionalism and are a credit to yourself and the US Army. I thank you for a job well done!”
    – Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary

  • J.R. Butler

    J.R. Butler Inc.
    “The Denver Police Crime Lab has a striking, faceted envelope that has a tremendous amount of “behind the scenes” magic to keep it dry, yet elegant. Quality starts with a good design and beginning in the schematic stages, Pie teamed up with JR Butler and JE Dunn to co-develop smart details. Pie’s involvement continued through the testing phases, which proved-out the design team’s hard work. We sleep better whenever we’re teamed-up with the like-minded professionals of Pie.”
    – Matthew Calkins, P.E., Vice President

  • Mortenson Construction

    Mortenson Construction
    “Lines of communication were always open and their overall responsiveness was exceptional, two attributes that I look for in any company in the construction industry.”
    – Daniel Sosalla, Quality Manager

  • Saunders Construction

    Saunders Construction
    “We benefitted greatly from your teams knowledge and experience. You were very easy to work with, very responsive, and very willing to share your knowledge with our team.”
    – Mike Pask, Project Manager

  • Trammel Crow

    Trammel Crow
    “The Pie team was able to adapt to rapidly changing scopes and schedules. Clear, concise communications with the General Contractor were key to Pie being able to keep the testing process moving and not impacting the overall construction activities.”
    – Fred Schultz, Owner/Developer

  • Sundt Construction

    Sundt Construction
    “They are always very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I would not even consider using anyone but Pie.”
    – Keon Bates, Project Manager

  • Pacesetter Claims Service

    Pacesetter Claims Service
    “Pie’s staff was very responsive to our needs as an independent claims company following the Joplin, Missouri tornado. They quickly contacted the insureds, schedule site observations and continually communicated to us the status of their investigations. Pie was instrumental in handling claims for clients in a way that made a very difficult situation surprisingly manageable.”
    – Bill Chaney, Jr., Catastropher Adjustor, V.P. of Field Operations

  • Sundt Construction

    Sundt Construction
    “Pie’s professional approach to our projects is outstanding. They are always there for us when we have questions and definitely go beyond the expected. We consider them a valuable member of our team and a trusted advisor.”
    – Jim Drago

  • Martin Harris Construction

    Martin Harris Construction
    “The biggest downfall on this project was not having Pie onboard during the initial design review. Pie provided key design modifications allowing us to salvage our ability to comply with the project requirements. Pie was an exceptional addition to our project and we appreciate all their help.”
    – Martin Harris Construction

  • Hensel Phelps Construction

    Hensel Phelps Construction
    “Pie delivered a comprehensive and thorough water & air infiltration prevention design review and testing package for our project at a reasonable cost. The added details, testing, and field observations proved priceless in ensuring that a quality building was delivered to the owner.”
    – Jonathan Stevens, Project Engineer

  • Poudre School District

    Poudre School District, Fort Collins, CO
    “Pie is one of the most professional consultants we’ve ever worked with. Great communication and flexibility with a very tight schedule, and comprehensive envelope testing and reporting that will serve our school district for years to come.”
    – Stu Reeve

  • HKS
  • EMC Insurance
  • Dworkin
  • Mortenson Construction
  • army
  • JR Butler
  • Mortenson Construction
  • Sauders Construction
  • Trammell Crow
  • Sundt Construction
  • Pacesetter Claims
  • Sundt Construction
  • Martin Harris Construction
  • Hensel Phelps Construction
  • Poudre School District

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