Case Studies: Crane Collapse

A crane collapsed during operation and construction of a combination hotel and residence structure.  The collapsed crane landed on the hotel and parking structure causing structural damage.  We were asked to determine the extent of structural damage and to review the repair recommendations provided by the engineer-of-record for the structures.

Pie conducted a detailed investigation of the site while the crane was still in the collapsed position (see photos).  A line-by-line review of the engineer-of-record’s repair recommendations was conducted and compared to our observations and measurements.  Pie was able to provide the adjuster with a line-by-line review of the repair recommendations to determine which items required repair and which items were not damaged by the crane collapse.

Pie worked with the engineer-of-record to develop the repair methodology for the columns and other damaged structural elements.  A carbon fiber wrap was utilized to strengthen and stiffen several potentially damaged reinforced concrete columns.

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