How Does Colorado Rank on Disaster Preparedness?

disasterpreparednessRecord flooding, wildfires, tornadoes, frigid temps, high winds, hail, and blizzards……we’ve got all the natural disasters you can think of!

Living in a mecca of natural disasters, you’d think we’d be reasonably skilled at responding to disasters……..not so much according to the national “Ready or Not?” survey, which placed Colorado this close to the bottom for ability to respond to natural disasters.

The most recent flooding, however, gave us a very powerful visual and redemptive opportunity to evaluate our natural disaster response on a state-wide level and review state laws to see if new statutes are necessary. Colorado legislators are in the process of convening a bipartisan panel of 12 lawmakers to process through feedback received from disaster experts and responders and review state laws to determine if new statutes are necessary.

A bit of context: the recent Colorado flooding destroyed approximately 1,500 homes with losses estimated at more than $2 billion; highways ripped apart and homes literally split in half. The flood costs compare with as much as $50 billion from last year’s Superstorm Sandy.

So we are being proactive as a state, but how can we be more prepared on the home front and in our communities?

Being prepared

  • At a minimum, keep your pantry stocked with a 3-day supply of food and water per/person
  • Keep an Emergency Pack (container, backpack, etc.) with all your supplies well organized and easy to find
  • Have an evacuation plan – and actually practice it! Run your family through a disaster preparedness test run, grabbing all the essential supplies you can in 15 minutes.

In need of expert catastrophe response?  Pie’s Catastrophe Team includes Engineers, Building & Construction Consultants, and Roofing Experts who specialize in:

  • Establishing Scope of Loss
  • Cost Estimating
  • Structural Analysis (foundation, shoring, roofing and overall integrity)
  • Reconstruction Cost Calculation
  • Bid Comparison
  • Rain v. Flood Damage Determination
  • Roof/Facade Analysis & Moisture Mapping

“With one of the largest staff of forensic engineers and construction/building consultants in Colorado, Pie is always well prepared to assist in recovery and rebuilding efforts following natural disasters. Since 1999 we have responded throughout the U.S. to many weather catastrophes. This experience is invaluable when dealing with the broad range of damage we are seeing. The end goal is to get people’s lives back in order as quickly as possible and as much as possible.” – Craig Sellers, Pie Principal

For immediate claim assistance call (866) 552-5246. After hours call (303) 204-8947.

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