Everything You Wanted to Know about Roofs and Were Afraid to Ask…

I has...part of a roof

Questions like:

  • Why should I worry about attic ventilation when it is cold outside?
  • Aren’t vents there just to keep the attic cool during the summer?
  • When I installed my new roof I was told it was a 50-year roof. Why would I have to replace the roof before it is 50 years old?
  • How hard can it be to install a roof correctly?
  • How can I ensure my next roof will be designed and constructed properly?

Pie’s Joseph Smith, AIA and Dustin Smoot, RRC, RRO, LEED AP, will co-present at the Colorado Defense Lawyers Association’s Construction “How-To” Series Presentation on May 16, 2013 from 1:00PM – 4:15PM in Downtown Denver.

In the last 10 years, construction defect claims in Colorado have resulted in settlements and judgments exceeding $100 million. Roof design and construction defects have consistently been a significant aspect of these claims and portion of the settlements/judgments. Understanding how roofs should be designed, built and repaired is critical to the outcome of roofing claims. Joseph Smith, AIA, Pie Consulting & Engineering

This is a unique educational opportunity for attorneys and others who work with design professionals, developers, builders and subcontractors who want to know more about how to design and construct a roof properly. Attendees will learn about common roofing issues that can arise during design and construction, including venting, loading and constructability issues.

The presentation will also address weather and climate considerations that play a role in roof design and construction. Although the International Building Codes are consistent across the country, local amendments, often based on specific weather patterns, must be incorporated into the design and construction so the right roof system is installed and can withstand the changing climate throughout the year.

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