Brian Glover

BGlover - Suit

Department Manager – Building Sciences – Texas


Stephen F. Austin State University – Nacogdoches, Texas
Texas State University – San Marcos, Texas

Registrations and Certifications

Registered Roof Observer, RCI
OSHA 10 Hour Construction Industry Outreach

Areas of Expertise

Air, Thermal, Water and Vapor Barriers
Exterior Claddings and Façades
Fenestrations and Curtain Walls
Low-Slope and Steep Slope Roofing Systems
Functional Performance Testing (Air Leakage, Water Penetration, Roof Uplift and more)
Infrared Thermography of Exterior Wall and Roof Assemblies


After 13 years in the envelope consulting industry that was predominantly centered on higher education and medical facilities, Brian joined Pie Consulting & Engineering in 2016 as the Building Science Lead in Texas. He has extensive experience with commercial grade weather barrier, exterior façade, roofing, and fenestration systems.

He also is well versed in exterior envelope performance testing including ASTM E 1105 water infiltration testing, ASTM E 783 air leakage testing, whole building air barrier testing per ASTM E 1186 and E 779, roof uplift testing per ASTM E 907 and FM 1-52, field pull testing of in-place EIFS clad wall assembly. Brian also performs peer reviews of construction documents, submittals and shop drawings.