Kelly Krieg, PE

Project Manager


The Pennsylvania State University - University Park, Pennsylvania
M.S. Architectural Engineering, 2003
The Pennsylvania State University – University Park, Pennsylvania
B.S. Architectural Engineering, 2003

Registrations and Certifications

Professional Registered Structural Engineer in Pennsylvania and Colorado

Areas of Expertise

Structural Engineering
Structural Repair Design
Curtain Walls
Metal Panel Claddings
Air, Moisture, Thermal, and Vapor Barriers
Steep Slope Roofing
Sealants, Coatings & Water Repellents
Water Infiltration Investigation & Testing
Structural Instrumentations, Testing & Monitoring (non-destructive and destructive)


Kelly has 14 years of experience in structural engineering, materials science, cladding product manufacturing and enclosure design. Her background includes advising architects and engineers in developing transition details and maintaining continuous air, vapor and water barriers as well as construction administration and observation of cladding repair projects. Prior to joining Pie, Kelly was a project manager for a university facilities management department, overseeing roof replacement and enclosure rehabilitation projects. Kelly has also served as a structural engineer and product manager with a metal panel manufacturer and a curtain wall manufacture, working in R&D for ACM and integrated window products, as well as design of insulated and single-skinned panels and unitized curtain wall.