Robert Cunningham

Business Development Manager


Indiana University, Bloomington
Bachelor of Education, 1984

Areas of Expertise

Business Development
Client Relationship Management
Concrete Restoration
Paints & Coatings
Customer Service
Sealants & Caulking


Robert joined Pie as Business Development Manager of the Colorado Forensic Science Group in May of 2017. His business development skills include client relationship management, customer service and team building. With a proven history of team building, at Pie, Robert will focus on refining the client liaison process for the Forensic Science Group.
He has extensive experience in customer service in all facets of the construction and professional service industries. He has been actively involved in the construction industry since 1988, specifically with 17 years in painting, waterproofing and concrete restoration contracting.

Robert has worked with teams that have performed restoration projects as large as $30 million, and as diverse as high-rise condos to historic structures, waterproofed rooftop swimming pools and below grade tunnels, applied traffic coating to airport parking garages, and once painted a blimp.