First-Ever Colorado Wildfire Preparedness Day—May 4th! How Prepared Is Your Home?

National Fire Protection Association

In efforts to reduce our wildfire risks statewide, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is piloting a Wildfire Preparedness Day campaign in our backyards on May 4th.

A call to action for all Coloradans to dedicate 1day, or even 1hour, to make an effort in reducing their homes vulnerability to wildfires. Organizers are hoping to profile Colorado as an exemplary state in rolling out a national campaign. Makes sense!

There are so many things a homeowner can do to “ready” their home for a wildfire and increase their home’s wildfire survivability.

Ready, Set, Go!

Per recommendations posted on the Ready, Set, Go! Program website (maintained by the International Fire Chiefs Association., here is how you could start.

Things everyone should do include:

1) Clean out gutters of old leaves and pine needles.
2) “Limb” up conifer branches to eliminate ladder fuels. If limbs from evergreen/conifer trees are touching the ground, a grass fire can ignite them causing the fire to run up the tree into the crowns or tops of the trees.
3) Move any leftover firewood at least 30-feet away from your home.
4) Trim old weeds within 10-feet from your home.
5) Burn/chip or dispose of excess slash and dead/down branches on your property.
6) Remove any dead trees within 30-feet of your home.

The event coincides with the International Association of Wildland Fire‘s Global Wildfire Awareness Week.

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