Forensic Engineering: What does it Involve?

At Pie, our engineers will sometimes get asked in a series of excited questions, “Forensic?! Ooooh, is that like CSI?”

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately, our engineers will tell you that forensic engineering is almost nothing like CSI forensic investigation. We do investigate, we do take apart or put things together to understand how an event occurred, but we do not wear blue striped shirts with suit coats or carry designer black glasses.In our latest video a run-down of what forensic engineers do at Pie Consulting & Engineering is elaborated on by our very own Joe Smith (himself an attorney, forensic engineer and architect).

The video itself is educational and ties into several jobs performed by Pie throughout the past few years, so if you are a student, potential employee or you want to kill a quick 10 minutes, check it out:


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