Forensic Petroleum Engineering…What is it?

What is Forensic Petroleum Engineering?

Forensic petroleum engineering involves investigation-assistance with insurance claims related to the processes of exploration, extraction, refining and transporting petroleum products.

For example, in the event of a loss involving an oil derrick failure, collapse, or accident, we can immediately deploy forensic engineers to conduct investigations involving mechanical & metallurgical breakdowns, electrical failures, high-pressure malfunctions, and OSHA compliance and regulations.

And given the highly technical nature of the typical petroleum drilling site, there is a relatively large potential for failures. And when things do fail, they tend to be extremely high-energy and can often result in serious injury to nearby persons.

We have investigated and consulted on catastrophes in both the oil and natural gas industries, including fatal explosions and fires at large power plants and natural gas compression stations.  Most recently, we investigated a fatal accident where a high pressure line failed during pigging inspection/operations of a large natural gas line.

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