High Park Fire Update!

Despite continued efforts to fight the High Park blaze, the fire is still only 55% contained after burning through over 68,000 acres. Even more unfortunate is the report that came from the RMIAA e-newsletter that stated:

Officials announced over the weekend that so far 181 homes have been indentified as total losses

Other High Park updates:

  • Late Sunday afternoon, 331 mandatory evacuation orders were issued for the Soldier Canyon and Mill Canyon areas, including Lodge Pole Drive and County Road 23 west and south, and Red Cedar Drive and east to County Road 23.
  • 473 pre-evacuation orders issued for Shoreline Road south of Lory State Park. The area extends to the southern border at County Road 38E, the eastern border of Horse Tooth Reservoir and west to Redstone Canyon. Residents were put on a two-hour notice.
  • Early Sunday afternoon officials issued a mandatory evacuation order for the Hewlett Gulch Subdivision.
  • RMIIA continues to request insurance adjuster access when it is safe to do so.  The fire is still too unpredictable.  FEMA estimates that it won’t likely be able to do its disaster assessment until early next week.

Source (via e-newsletter)


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