Hurricane/Water Intrusion Damage to Building

Location: FloridaHurricane-300x224

Project Description:

Pie was retained to investigate the cause of water intrusion and exterior facade damage at a high-rise building following a hurricane in Florida. Damages observed at the loss location included cracking and exterior facade distress due to deflection of the metal studs, which extended between the floors of the concrete building. The building owner believed the hurricane wind forces caused cracking and facade distress, and that water damage was caused by the hurricane as well.

Pie’s Determination:

Pie’s investigation revealed construction deficiencies in exterior facade that resulted in the observed damages. When the hurricane events provided sources of moisture, the water infiltration resulted due to these construction deficiencies. Again, Pie determined the cracking and exterior facade distress was due to inherent construction deficiencies, and not the lateral hurricane wind forces.

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