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Delegated Design vs. Design Assist -- What’s the Deal?

Delegated Design vs. Design Assist — What’s the Deal?

Delegated design and design-assist are two practices in the design and construction industry that have gained popularity in recent years. These practices have also caused some confusion and headaches for the parties involved perhaps due to a lack of clarity that differentiates each practice. In my experience, this often comes into play for the building […]

Challenges of Meeting 2015 IECC U-Factors with An Off-The-Shelf Curtain Wall System

Many buildings have non-load-bearing exterior cladding components as a feature of their design. This cladding is attached to the structure of a building to provide protection for the building’s interior against the elements such as air, water, and heat or cold. Energy standards for these systems are defined in the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), […]

Ground Penetrating Radar

How Building Owners Benefit from Pie’s Use of Ground Penetrating Radar

When I learned that Pie would soon begin using ground penetrating radar systems (GPR), I was excited that we would now have access to this effective, time-saving, and non-invasive imaging technology. I was also happy for our clients. “No more Swiss cheese!” was a thought that came to mind. Of course, that’s a statement that […]

Denver West Business Park

What Building Owners Learned from Colorado’s Costliest Hailstorm

It was a typical Spring day in Colorado as I arrived for work on the morning of May 8, 2017. The promising forecast of a mild 70-degree day camouflaged the ensuing hailstorm that battered the Denver metro area. In the late afternoon, enveloped by dark, ominous skies, I heard the hail falling outside my office […]