Pie: A Colorado Company to Watch

With a name like Pie you have to be different. We are!

We are grinning so big celebrating our differentness and the recognition it has garnered us in being named a Finalist on the 2013 Colorado Companies to Watch List!

Colorado Companies to Watch, inspires to energize the state of Colorado by recognizing second-stage companies that are developing valuable products and services, creating quality jobs, enriching communities, and creating new industries throughout the state.

This professional distiction has been so energizing – we just had to share a few of our award-winning milestones and secrets to success.

Paul-Duncan-240x3002Expressing gratitude

The most highly successful habit to growing a successful company and enriching company culture is to express your gratitude. Having reason for gratefulness in and of itself ignites motivation and boosts morale. There is nothing more fulfilling than giving credit to others, pronouncing your thanks, and seeing how it unlocks productivity and innovation in team members.” – Paul Duncan, President, Pie Consulting & Engineering

Pie staffers routinely circle up to express thanks, via a weekly thankfulness meeting, in which everyone pauses and reflects on whatever they are thankful for; a new day rising, family and friends, landing a new project, whatever!

Sharing the Pie

We are all about sharing the pie and connecting with our community in big and small ways.

We annually host the Cherrity Pie Festival, a supercharged fundraiser where we play pie games and raise awareness and funds for Colorado’s blind children. We believe it is so important to help all Colorado children reach their full potential – even the smallest act of generosity has the potential to turn a life around. The 2011 & 2012 festivals raised over $42,000 in charitable donations for the Anchor Center for Blind Children. We’re planning to do it all over again Saturday, September 14, 2013 at Anchor Center headquarters – save the date and join the fun!

Pie staffers are also given charitable time off year-round to support non-profits that are near and dear to their hearts. To date we’ve contributed 1,000 hours of volunteer time and the company has donated and hosted events generating over $100,000.


In conjunction with their Base Relocations, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released a directive mandating all new and retrofitted Army facilities to meet certain air tightness standards. By involving ourselves in this energy conservation effort, Pie was able to assist with the development of the Army’s Air Barrier Tightness (ABT) Protocol and simultaneously became the forerunner firm for this type of testing.

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