Pie Continues to Assist with Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts

Hurricane Sandy 2012

Long after the headlines of Hurricane Sandy have faded, Pie continues to provide storm-damage claims assistance to Sandy victims. Causing at least $60 billion in damages, the re-build and clean-up of the East Coast is still far from over!

Forensic Specialist, Dustin Smoot, has been on-scene frequently since the storm hit and offers some first-hand observations.

Q: Going forward post-Sandy, what building science challenges do we face in terms of rebuilding amidst a changing climate?

DS: Buildings will need to be rebuilt either out of coastal areas or in such a way that they can withstand the force of storm surge and wind. 

Q: How do we engineer “building resiliency”, and what are some ways to rebuild smarter?

DS: Building components and cladding securement need to be increased to reduce the effects of wind on a structure.

Q: What are some ways to mitigate more serious flooding for coastal communities?

DS: Structures that are properly designed to resist storm surge are built atop stilts which allow the surge to pass below and recede naturally – minimizing water damage.

Q: Will building code standards need to be revised?

DS: Building codes are minimum requirements for structures and have never been intended to protect against catastrophic events.  A change in building code will greatly increase the cost of construction. 


About Dustin Smoot:

dustin smoot headshot

Smoot, RRC, RRO, LEED AP, is a forensic specialist with Pie Consulting & Engineering, providing forensic engineering services involving building envelope components. Smoot’s technical expertise includes forensic investigation and assessment of damage from weather, construction defects, and product failures. His experience also includes the preparation of bidding documents, peer reviews with recommendations, and quality assurance observation. By working as a contractor, an observer, a consultant, and a designer, Smoot has gained extensive knowledge in building envelope systems design, construction, and failure analysis.

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