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To celebrate the first release of our Pie Employee videos, we at Pie Consulting & Engineering would like to introduce…Pie Culture.  This is an opportunity for our exceptional staff to reveal a little bit about what excites and inspires us when we are away from work.   The goal of Pie Culture is to convey who we are as individuals, as co-workers and as a company.

Nearly all video is more interesting and entertaining with a sound track, so we have expanded the scope of Pie Culture and reached out to musicians and others with creative talents.  As broad as this sounds, our extended goal is to provide a means for independent artists to touch a segment of the population they typically may not–spreading awareness of their creativity to an even wider audience.  After all, no individual or company operates within a vacuum and we are grateful for all opportunities to expand our relationships and experience as part of the Pie Culture.

It is our desire that this project will further the success of the musicians and artists we are able to include in our Pie Culture media..  One of our first efforts involves a popular band in Denver, Colorado known as TheSauras  – a mixed bag of acoustic rock/hip hop, fronted by Paul Mullikin.  You will hear the song “Fly” in our Pie Employee video for Dustin Smoot.  The song’s arrangement runs along the emotion felt from looking out across the Rocky Mountains from high atop Dead Dog Coulior.  If you enjoy the single, check out the rest of their album here and support local music!

We will feature other songs and artists in coming releases.  Oh and here is the very first (one of many) Pie Culture videos:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtbunBCcpZw]

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