Possible Arson at Colorado Office of BLM

BLMFire-300x225Authorities are investigating the possibility of arson at the federal Bureau of Land Management office in Gunnison, Colorado after someone vandalized computers and set fire to the building this past weekend.

A property damage assessment is o underway however it appears the building sustained primarily smoke and water damage losses.

An arson-trained dog is being utilized by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to assist in the investigation.

A bit of context: On average, arson dogs can sniff out a large area in half the time it would take a person due to their keen sense of smell and their ability to cover a lot of ground – saving time and pure energy.

“Canine Units (arson dogs) have proven to be a valuable tool for seasoned fire investigators. They add an additional level of verification to the field observations conducted by trained fire investigators. I use the accelerant detection canines to validate the findings of a handheld electronic hydrocarbon detector and to assist me on where to take samples for submittal to a laboratory.”
Jeff Berino – Senior Fire Investigator, B.S., CFEI, CCFI, Pie Consulting & Engineering.

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