1.2+ Million Square Feet of Enclosure Retro-Commissioning Services

Arvada, Colorado (March 28, 2012) – Pie Consulting & Engineering (Pie) recently provided Poudre School District (PSD) in Fort Collins, Colorado with enclosure retro-commissioning (RCx) services for nine (9) existing school buildings totaling more than 1,229,000 finished square feet.

An extension of Pie’s building science services, enclosure retro-commissioning, is essentially the science of optimizing the energy performance and sustainability of an existing building vs. a newly-constructed building. Pie’s Building Enclosure RCx program has been proven to provide Owners/Operators with:

  • a way to quantify existing building enclosure operating conditions
  • prioritization of repair or retrofit recommendations and options
  • optimization of rehabilitation design and construction phase quality assurance
  • field measurement/verification testing for obtaining sustainable and energy efficient building envelopes.

building-envelope-retro-commissioningPie has performed building enclosure RCx on buildings ranging in size from 20,000 to nearly 300,000-square feet.

Pie developed customized enclosure RCx services for each PSD building as follows:

  • Visual evaluation of building enclosures to identify conditions regarding uncontrolled air leakage, water management, and thermal discontinuities.
  • Whole building air tightness testing in accordance with ASTM E779. Air leakage values were utilized in energy models to estimate energy consumption based on initial conditions and cost savings with estimated air leakage reduction factors.
  • Infrared and smoke generation diagnostic evaluation of the building in accordance with ASTM E1186 to determine specific air leakage pathways as well as thermal discontinuities.
  • Recommended envelope repair and retrofit work scopes, options and prioritizations with rough order of magnitude cost estimating.

“Pie provided excellent service and is one of the most professional consultants we’ve worked with. Great communication, flexibility with a very tight schedule, and comprehensive envelope testing, diagnostics, & reporting that will serve our school district for years to come”– Stu Reeve, Energy Manager, Poudre School District.

Additional 2011 Pie Building Enclosure RCx Projects:

  • Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic – Fort Leonard Wood, MO
  • Camp Rudder Ranger Training Barracks – Eglin Air Force Base, FL

Pie’s Building Science Group provides building enclosure commissioning (BECx) and exterior building envelope consulting services including: design development guidance, technical design review and analysis, shop drawing and submittal reviews, quality assurance observations, customized training programs, and specialized building performance testing and diagnostic services (whole building air barrier, water, thermal, wind uplift, etc.) for both the new and retrofit design and construction industries.

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