2012 GSA P100 Requires Whole Building Air Barrier Testing

Policy Update Signals Bold Changes for Public Buildings Service

Arvada, Colorado (March 30, 2011)– The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) recently published its 2012 P100 general specifications policy entitled, “Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service,” which now incorporates expanded air barrier requirements. Specifically, whole building air barrier testing has been included as part of the building program for the Public Buildings Service (PBS). The requirement signals a bold new direction for GSA policy with more focus on building enclosure standards and a broader commitment to energy conservation.


Specific GSA policy states,” The whole building must not have an air leakage rate of more than 0.4 cfm/ft2 (2.0L/s/m2) at a pressure differential of 0.3 in w.g. (75 Pa). The test method used should be developed for each specific project by the Testing Agency and General Contractor, and approved by the Government (or representative).” (2012 Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service – Section 3.14 pg. 83)

“Pie’s purpose is not just to test the building, but to offer a proactive approach to help ensure that our client’s succeed,” said Pie Principal, Eric Amhaus. “Our core building science capabilities in design, construction, testing, and diagnostics truly set us apart from our competition. We are excited to apply our proven track record of success with large and complex building enclosure systems to assist our client’s as they navigate this new GSA requirement,” added Amhaus.

Pie’s Air Barrier Consultation and Testing Qualifications Include:

  • Pie staff was recently presented with Letters of Appreciation from the Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Army for industry expertise in building air tightness, pressure testing, and technical guidance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Protocol for whole building air leakage testing.
  • 100+ USACE buildings; number of buildings Pie tested nationwide between 2008 and 2012 (accounts for more than ½ of all USACE buildings tested during that time period).
  • 100% success rate; percentage of our clients to date whom successfully passed the USACE air tightness requirement on the first attempt when Pie was retained to provide design and construction phase consultation services.
  • 0.11 cfm/ft2 or 56% better than the USACE requirement; average air leakage rate of our client’s buildings when Pieprovides design and construction phase services in addition to testing.
  • Pie consultation and testing services for client highlighted by BASF Wall Systems in Ft. Bliss, TX success story case study.

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