Francisco Reina Presents to Colorado Renewable Energy Society

Arvada, Colorado (April 3, 2013) – Francisco Reina, CPHC, PHIUS+ Rater, GAE Certified, RESNET QA, BPI Analyst, Pie Building Science Specialist, recently co-presented in the High Performance Building Workshop Series sponsored by Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Colorado Green Building Guild, and Passive House Institute U.S. The goal of the workshop series was to educate architects, engineers, builders, and other industry professionals on high performance building criteria and quantifiable energy reduction strategies for homes and buildings. Reina’s presentation, Insulation and Air Sealing Techniques, had a deep focus on how to create superior thermal, vapor, and air barriers for buildings.

Presentation highlights included:

  • Building Air Leakage Dynamics
  • Air Barrier Materials
  • Air Barrier Alignment

Over 30% of our heat losses come from air infiltration and a great portion of building failure is ultimately due to poor air sealing. The building air barrier has three main components to successful implementation: proper specification and design, competency of material and installation at construction, and verification of performance upon completion.” – Francisco Reina, Pie Building Science Specialist

The 6 Key Aspects of High Performance Buildings:

  1. Durable/Sustainable – Low Failure Rates / 7 Generations Performance
  2. Healthy – Air Tight Structure with Controlled Energy Recovery Ventilation / Low VOC Materials
  3. Comfortable – Structure Uniformly Establishes Comfort – Mechanical Systems Maintain Comfort
  4. Micro Energy – Low Heating/Cooling Design, Lighting and Plug Loads
  5. Functional – Built for the Occasion
  6. Aesthetic – Contributes to the Productivity and Psyche of the Inhabitants

Needless waste is the demise of many; as we must strive to create the high performance buildings of the future, we cannot neglect the primitive buildings of our past.” – Francisco Reina, Pie Building Science Specialist

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About Colorado Renewable Energy Society:
Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) is a statewide nonprofit membership organization leading Colorado and its people to an energy efficient and renewable energy economy by advancing education, policy and economic development.

francisco-reina-260x3001About Francisco Reina:
Francisco is recognized as a PHIUS+ Certified Rater and Certified Passive House Consultant, the only professional to garner such recognition in the State of Colorado.

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