International Concrete Repair Institute Publishes Electronic Leak Detection Article

Pie Consulting & Engineering Builds Market Share in Increasingly Popular ELD Testing Services

ELD Arvada, Colorado – September 29, 2015 – Cementing its expertise in electronic leak detection (ELD) services, Pie Consulting & Engineering is excited to announce that two of its technical staff recently published an article on this increasingly popular waterproofing surfaces test method in the International Concrete Repair Institute’s trade publication, Concrete Repair Bulletin.

Pie project managers Danielle Czyzewski and Carole Cummings explore the different types of ELD and proper applications for this versatile and often more accurate testing method.

Waterproofing membranes are a critical element in building enclosure systems but are ultimately covered up by many finishing materials. The failure of these membranes can be prohibitively expensive to repair. For this reason, many designers are specifying integrity testing to verify the waterproofing membrane is free of discontinuities and breaches before it is covered up by permanent materials.

While flood testing typically is the standard testing method for these membranes, it has limitations.  Flood testing can only indicate where water is dripping out through the substrate but not the location above where water is breaching the membrane. It also cannot be performed on vertical surfaces or at locations where the underside of the slab in not accessible.

As such, ELD has become a more popular alternative to traditional flood testing.

Since adding ELD testing to its portfolio of services last year, Pie has experienced a phenomenal increase in demand for it from clients across the country.

This year alone, to date, Pie has performed nearly 250 ELD tests, for a cumulative total of 1.2 million square feet of waterproofing surfaces tested. Nine Pie staff members are trained in this procedure with four staff members testing more than 100,000 square feet individually.  Pie has performed ELD in Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and North Dakota.

Read Czyzewski and Cummings’ full article here.

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