Pie Conducts Damage Survey of Joplin, Missouri One Year After Deadly Tornado

Arvada, Colorado (June 29, 2012) – Pie Consulting & Engineering (Pie) re-visited Joplin, Missouri to see how far rebuilding of the town had progressed nearly 1-year after a tragic and devastating EF-5 tornado wreaked havoc on May 22, 2011.

Joplin Tornado Facts:

  1. 158 fatalities and over 1,000 injuries
  2. Estimated damage costs of $2.8 billion
  3. Deadliest tornado since 1950 and 7th deadliest tornado in U.S. history

As part of a Catastrophic Support Team, Pie’s assistance in Joplin has included:

  1. Immediate on-site support for insurance companies and contractors for shoring and safety of structurally damaged buildings.
  2. Assisting with overall post-tornado rehabilitation parameters and feasibility for damaged buildings.
  3. Commercial rebuilding efforts focused on the extent of required shoring and summarizing the extent of damage; as well as engineered design plans and specifications for rehabilitation work.
  4. Residential rebuilding efforts focused on determining the extent of structural damage caused by the tornado and determining pre-event conditions; in addition to  design plans and specifications for rehabilitation work.
  5. Survey damage of commercial and residential rebuilding one year after tornado.
  6. Follow-up observations of several structures to determine if repair work was properly conducted and that the tornado damage was fully addressed by the repair.

Within a week of the epic tornado, Pie was on-site providing engineering and consulting support for the damage.

“From Pie’s ‘boots on the ground’ perspective, Joplin’s recovery is amazing and a true testament to the community’s resolve.  A return to normalcy is what we see and celebrate, and despite the massive physical rebuilding, it is the rejuvenation of community and resiliency that is most striking.”  Christopher Moulder, P.E., Pie Forensic Engineer.

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