Pie Providing Construction Monitoring at Denver Union Station

Arvada, Colorado (April 25, 2012) – Since 2011, Pie Consulting & Engineering (Pie) has been providing construction monitoring at the Denver Union Station (DUS) Transportation Facility project.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, DUS is the central hub of the multi-billion dollar RTD FasTracks Program, a comprehensive transit expansion plan which includes up to 122 miles of new commuter rail and light rail, 18 miles of bus rapid transit, 21,000 new parking spaces at light rail and bus stations, and enhanced bus service across the eight-county RTD district.

union-station-monitoring-300x300Slated for completion in the spring of 2014, DUS will:

  1. Remain a downtown landmark as part of a larger master plan for the overall DUS mixed-use transit-oriented development.
  2. Serve as the gateway to the new multi-modal transportation hub, integrating light rail, commuter rail, and intercity rail (Amtrak), as well as regional, express, and local bus service, the 16th Street Mall shuttle, Downtown Circulator, intercity buses, taxis, shuttles, vans, limousines, bicycles and pedestrians.
  3. House a boutique hotel, restaurant, and retail shops.

To see the construction progress or learn more about the DUS Transportation Facility project, visithttp://www.rtd-fastracks.com/dus_1.

Pie’s Services:

After specifying and overseeing the installation of structural seismographs and geophones in the lower level of the DUS basement, Pie is monitoring the vibration of any resulting damage to the DUS building throughout construction of the Transportation Facility. In addition, Pie specified and oversaw the installation of inclinometers within and near the shoring wall installed adjacent to the DUS. The inclinometers and continued monitoring of the building, including vertical union-station-monitoring1-300x218survey data are being used to verify the extent, if any, of movement of the shoring wall to minimize the effects of the construction activities.  Pie personnel provide weekly on-site observations, attend site meetings, and issue weekly reports of their findings.

“Denver Union Station is a big part of the city’s history; preservation of this historic structure is integral to the current transportation facility project. Denver Union Station has seen steam give way to combustion, and combustion give way to electric. The methods of transportation will change, but the building will remain a preserved foundation from where it all began,” Chris Moulder, P.E., Pie Project Manager.

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