Pie’s creates “Farm Team” with Exceptional Internship Program

Pie Consulting & Engineering is reaping the rewards of its summer internship program by developing engineers for the future.

The Colorado-based provider of building and forensic sciences services has been developing and enhancing an internship program in all of its regional offices for the last several years to attract the best and brightest engineering students.

“The goal of the program is to not only give these young engineers real-world professional experience in their chosen fields but to create an opportunity for a full-time position after graduation,” said Pie’s HR Director Jaclyn Fullen. “This ‘farm team’ type system is a win-win for both the intern and for Pie.”

The annual summer program provides full-time paid positions to select candidates, who accompany technical staff and engineers to project sites to learn every aspect of the business from consulting, field performance testing, to producing reports. They participate in the day-to-day activities of regular staff to learn new skills and develop a keen understanding of building and forensic sciences.

The internships have already resulted in Pie’s hiring of several former interns as full-time staff in the last few years, with great success.

Meet Pie’s 2017 interns:

Colorado HQ interns, left to right: Michael Kelso, Thomas Tarcha, Nate Deanda & Chris Looney







Michael Kelso, senior
Colorado School of Mines (Mechanical Engineering and minor in Economics and Business).

“With this internship, I hope to learn about the different facets involved with a new project and how Pie impacts these projects during each phase to ensure a venture is completed with limited setbacks and errors.”

Thomas Tarcha, senior
Colorado School of Mines (Civil Engineering).

“My goal in this internship is to gain more construction exposure and to understand the functional purposes of the components in walls and roofs. The team has helped me make steady progress in achieving my learning goals, and I would love the opportunity to continue working with this team in the future.”

Nate Deanda, senior (2nd summer at Pie)
Colorado State University (Civil Engineering)
“I’m very excited to be returning to Pie this summer, and I am hoping to gain a greater knowledge in the details and process behind forensic engineering. I’m from Arvada so it is cool to get to work so close to home. So far, the summer has been full of excitement and I would love for this to lead to a full-time opportunity in the future.”

Chris Looney, graduate student
Colorado School of Mines (grad research assistant, pursuing Master’s in Mechanical Engineering)

“During this internship I would like to learn more about this industry and see if it is something I would like to do as a career. So far I am really enjoying the job and can see Pie as a definite candidate for full time employment once I graduate.”


Texas office intern, Jason Beach









Jason Beach, senior (2nd year at Pie)
Texas A&M (Petroleum Engineering)

“This is my second time interning with Pie, so my goal is to build on everything I learned last year, and expand my knowledge of everything that Pie does.”


Minnesota office interns, from left Erik Branyon, Anja Schepp and Jordyn Meskan









Erik Branyon, junior
Iowa State University

“Through the internship program at Pie Consulting and Engineering I want to gain knowledge and experience within BECx in order to successfully apply it to my future endeavors.”

Anja Schepp, junior
Iowa State University (Civil Engineering)

“During my internship I am looking for a greater confidence in solving real life issues and producing actual results, and to make new connections who will help guide me on the path of becoming an engineer.”

Jordyn Meskan, senior
North Dakota State University (Civil Engineering)

“During my time with Pie, I hope to learn how I can apply what I’ve learned during my coursework to the forensic engineering field. I look forward to learning invaluable skills that I can take with me through the remainder of my schooling and into my career.”


About Pie Consulting & Engineering
Pie Consulting & Engineering is a leading global provider of building and forensic science experts who provide a comprehensive and diverse range of engineering, rehabilitative design, consulting, enclosure commissioning (BECx), construction management, and field performance testing services. Founded in 1999, we service our development, design, construction, insurance/claims, and legal professional clients globally from our headquarters in Colorado and multiple regional offices strategically positioned throughout the nation. To learn more, visit www.pieglobal.com.