Record Heat Ignites 2012 Fire Season

Arvada, Colorado (March 27, 2012) – Colorado is already ablaze at the start of the 2012 wildfire season.  Jeff Berino, Pie Senior Fire Investigator, Summit County Deputy Fire Chief, and Federally Certified Incident Commander, warns Coloradans to play it safe during this year’s fire season as dangerous dry weather conditions threaten a repeat of 2002’s fire conditions.

“The 90-day NOAA forecast looks more than a little daunting. So far, 2012 is presenting some stark contrasts to the 2011 wildfire season. The first two months of 2012 brought a typical start to the wildfire season in the southeast portion of the U.S., particularly in Florida and Georgia. While Texas and Oklahoma were experiencing record amounts of drought and wildfire at this time in 2011; now they have flooding conditions in many portions of their areas. In 2011, the Dakotas and Iowa were experiencing flooding; currently they are experiencing EXTREME wildfire conditions. Forecasts for the next 3-month period show the pattern from 2011 shifting to the north and west from Texas/Oklahoma to CO, SD, ND, WY, NV, UT and MT,” says Jeff Berino.

wildfire-drought-graphic“One thing in our advantage as wildfire investigators is that despite the severity and duration of wildfires, we’ve learned that even after several weather events and several months after the wildfires, there still exists reliable patterns in the area to assist with wildfire origin and cause investigations. While getting to the scene of a wildfire for investigation purposes as soon as possible is preferred, in many cases evidence remains for many months after the fire,” added Berino

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Health officials warn Coloradans that if visibility is less than 5 miles due to a wildfire or controlled burn, smoke has reached unhealthy levels and to stay indoors.

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