Prevention Funding Slashed Amid Dangerous Wildfire Season


The federal government’s main program for wildfire prevention is losing steam despite the chronic and catastrophic wildfire conditions that are ongoing across the West.

The blame ironically falls on a budget crisis associated with high costs battling existing blazes across the U.S. Funds normally spent on the removal of dead trees and flammable underbrush are taking a back seat – at least this year they are.

Claims Journal article excerpt, June 21, 2013 – “Because the fires have gotten bigger and bigger, we’ve spent more of our money on suppression and less on fuel removal,” Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., said in an interview. We’ve gotten behind the eight-ball on this.” Federal firefighting officials say there is no question the program prevents some fires and makes others less dangerous to homeowners and firefighters alike. But they say they are caught in a bind. “It’s a wicked public policy question,” said Tom Harbour, the Forest Service’s director of fire and aviation management. “We’ve got to make trade-offs. We’re living in a time of constrained budgets.

The cost and intensity of wildfires continues to increase across the U.S. Extreme fire conditions remain constant with extended forecasts calling for hot temps, low humidity, and high winds throughout the summer months. All this plus a new study from the Interior Department showing it is more cost-effective to try to prevent fires than to just extinguish them!!

This year is showing some signs of a repeat of the 2012 deadly wildfire season in Colorado. The next four weeks are going to be critical concerning the potential for wildfire.” – Jeffrey Berino, Pie Senior Fire Investigator, Wildfire Expert.

Mr. Berino has assisted with hundreds of investigations and provided consulting on wildfires throughout the U.S. He is one of the most, if not Colorado’s most, experienced and qualified Wildfire Investigators – available directly to claims adjusters, litigation professionals and property owners.

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