Building Enclosure Consulting & Commissioning – BECx

No two pies are alike. In the same way, buildings vary from one another based on their use or mix of uses, whether entirely new construction, a renovation, or an addition to an existing facility.

Today’s building enclosures are more complex in design and construction, which compounds the challenges and requires a broader commitment to quality assurance. As a result, greater emphasis is being placed on a variety of building enclosure commissioning programs that can be tailored to the Owners Project Requirements (OPR).

With increasing demands for durability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, owners, architects, and contractors are turning to the best building enclosure consulting companies for firm results. Pie’s building enclosure consulting and commissioning (BECx) expertise provides a critical, value-added service to each and every project when performance matters most.

Pie’s proven project experience has aided clients in the delivery of high performing buildings for new construction and major renovation projects with services and systems including: