Severe Weather Hammers the Nation

Severe weather has been sweeping the U.S. over the last couple weeks, leading to a rash of problems, including violent roof collapses and dramatic car accidents.  At our headquarters in Colorado, temperatures reached -35 degrees Fahrenheit overnight last week and it didn’t warm up much from there.  Colorado’s front range was hit with another blizzard overnight that could total up to 10 inches, piling on top of already heavy, wet snow yet to melt.

Meanwhile, our Minnesota office is trying to stay warm through subzero temperatures.  Don’t worry about the Arizona office, though…they’re staying nice and cozy! has some eyewitness videos of weather-related disasters across the nation.  Check out the live video of a huge roof collapse on the east coast (click the images below to view videos) and a semi truck crashing through a median on black ice.

This video reminds us of the 2003 Denver snowstorm that caused catastrophic collapses to structures around the Denver metro area and front range.  (See the article on the 2003 storm here).

Meanwhile, this truck accident is a reminder of how dangerous black ice can be.  Combine that with the weight of the trailer and likely speeds that were too fast for the conditions, and you get these types of accidents.

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