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Proprietary Equipment Loss Evaluation: Process and Case Study

Specialized equipment losses are challenging for the adjuster and can involve large dollar amounts in not only the equipment, but also in downtime and business interruption claims. For instance, Pie Forensic Consultants (Pie) has evaluated  losses consisting of  complex  equipment  damaged during shipment. The manufacturer may claim the equipment is damaged beyond salvage and thus […]

Case Studies: Inadequate Bracing During Construction

Pie was retained to determine the cause of a roof truss failure at a retail building that was under construction.  The contractor alleged that a gust of wind caused the roof system to fail over a holiday weekend. We conducted an observation and took measurements at the site and reviewed the construction documents.  Based on […]

Case Studies: Crane Collapse

A crane collapsed during operation and construction of a combination hotel and residence structure.  The collapsed crane landed on the hotel and parking structure causing structural damage.  We were asked to determine the extent of structural damage and to review the repair recommendations provided by the engineer-of-record for the structures. Pie conducted a detailed investigation […]