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Top 10 Blog Posts From 2013

We dug up the Top 10 most popular blog posts from this year for you to reread, relive, and recirculate. Enjoy! Live Loads vs. Dead Loads: Defining Structural Repair Claims You’ve probably come across a structural claim where the terms “live load” and “dead load” get tossed around by a contractor or engineer regarding the […]

Deck Collapse Hazard

Its deck season, and with that sometimes comes unfortunate deck mishaps such as structural failures or collapses. Just a few weeks ago a two-story backyard deck collapsed in Austin, Texas injuring six people. Structurally speaking, it is very important that our decks are safe and sound as we entertain guests and expand our family space […]

Engineer Interview: Melinda White on Florida Structural Claims

Thank you to Melinda White, our structural engineer in Florida, for this interview! Q:  Has there been a common theme/cause of the claims you have been looking at? If so, what? A: Nearly all of the roof claims I have observed recently have addressed the question of sustained weathering versus storm event damage.  In central […]

Case Studies: Inadequate Bracing During Construction

Pie was retained to determine the cause of a roof truss failure at a retail building that was under construction.  The contractor alleged that a gust of wind caused the roof system to fail over a holiday weekend. We conducted an observation and took measurements at the site and reviewed the construction documents.  Based on […]