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This Just In: Residential and Commercial Roofing Installation and Repairs – Part 1: Tile Roofing

Episode Spotlight Get the lowdown on proper commercial roofing installation and repairs from Pie’s roofing expert, Dustin Smoot, RRC, RRO, LEED AP. Listen in as Dustin discusses various roofing types and characteristics and gives expert installation tips and hints. An informative tutorial on roofing standards and requirements is just 5 minutes away. [youtube] Narrated […]

Forensic Engineering: What does it Involve?

At Pie, our engineers will sometimes get asked in a series of excited questions, “Forensic?! Ooooh, is that like CSI?” Unfortunately, our engineers will tell you that forensic engineering is almost nothing like CSI forensic investigation. We do investigate, we do take apart or put things together to understand how an event occurred, but we […]

Breaking the Engineer Mold Part 1: Interview with Melinda White

Pie is proud to showcase the talents of its female forensic experts. We begin this series with a one-on-one interview with Pie Consulting & Engineering Employee, Melinda White, P.E. What is the biggest misconception about female forensic engineers in general? I think the biggest misconception about female forensic engineers is that they are afraid of […]