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Hail Claims Rank Most Hefty for Insurance Companies

Despite another year of costly wildfire devastation, Colorado insurance companies claim hail to be the most expensive catastrophe. excerpt, July 7, 2013: “The fact is, for insurance companies, wildfires aren’t that big a deal compared to say, tornadoes or hurricanes. And even in fire-prone Colorado, hail is still responsible for more actual insured losses […]

Rocky Mountain Roofs: Asphalt, Shake, or Metal?

Pie Consulting & Engineering’s headquarters is located just outside of Denver, Colorado within the geographic region commonly referred to as “Hail Alley.” This region is destined to endure multiple hailstorms per year. Colorado homeowners naturally want the best roof they can have to protect their home from water intrusion and achieve a maximum life cycle […]

Tornadoes Cut Through Dallas-Forth Worth, Causing Untold Damage

Several tornadoes touched down in Fort Worth, Texas carving a path of destruction through to the Dallas area, The sheer power of these nature-related funnels could be seen as power lines were uprooted, homes destroyed and trailers and vehicles were tossed about. On top of the wind damage, there has been significant damage attributed to […]

Wood Roofing: Separating Cosmetic Damage from Performance-Reducing Damage

High winds, epic blizzards, pounding rain, and hailstorms make Colorado’s weather conditions unique and hard-hitting for homeowners and insurance claim adjusters alike. Pie’s Dustin Smoot RRC, RRO, LEED AP, an expert in roof damage assessment, shares his roof performance expertise in Wood Roofing: Separating Cosmetic Damage From Performance-Reducing Damage, published in the March 2012 edition […]