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Colorado Wildfire and Flood Safety Awareness Week

This year’s first wildfire, the Galena fire in Larimer County, (still burning by the way!) could not be a more appropriate visual for the Colorado Wildfire and Flood Safety Awareness Week. Coming off a record wildfire season in 2012, there is definitely a sense of urgency amongst us to address our state’s susceptibility to wildfires. […]

High Park Fire Update!

Despite continued efforts to fight the High Park blaze, the fire is still only 55% contained after burning through over 68,000 acres. Even more unfortunate is the report that came from the RMIAA e-newsletter that stated: Officials announced over the weekend that so far 181 homes have been indentified as total losses Other High Park updates: Late […]

Mandatory Wildfire Mitigation for Colorado…is it Necessary?

Wildfire season is upon us! Depending on your location, the concept of wildfire may be the furthest thing from your mind for the summer. Unfortunately, Colorado has hit a high-risk status due to drought, early snow melt, and numerous other factors, which had been brought up at the DRCOG (Denver Regional Council of Governments) Wildfire […]

High Park Fire Amplifies Overnight – Updated

You only need to step outside today for an obvious reminder that the state of Colorado is in extreme fire danger. With zero containment of the High Park fire near Fort Collins, officials warn Coloradans that the fire is growing at 20 to 40 feet a minute! Currently spanning more than 36,930 acres, the fire […]