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Violent Storm System Wreaks Havoc on Midwest

The National Weather System confirms several tornadoes blasted the Midwest on Sunday killing at least 6 people, injuring dozens, and causing severe personal and commercial property. Lightning, strong winds, and heavy rains are to blame for hundreds of collapsed homes and business in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been deployed […]

Hail Claims Rank Most Hefty for Insurance Companies

Despite another year of costly wildfire devastation, Colorado insurance companies claim hail to be the most expensive catastrophe. excerpt, July 7, 2013: “The fact is, for insurance companies, wildfires aren’t that big a deal compared to say, tornadoes or hurricanes. And even in fire-prone Colorado, hail is still responsible for more actual insured losses […]

A Twisted Tornado Season in Colorado

So we know we’re not in Kansas anymore but golly this does not look like Colorado either! The 2012 tornado season has brought two rare tornado formations to our state. On June 8, 2012, a rare anti-cyclonic (backward-spinning) tornado touched down in Elbert County, Colorado.  The tornado was classified an EF2 (on a scale of […]

Tornadoes Cut Through Dallas-Forth Worth, Causing Untold Damage

Several tornadoes touched down in Fort Worth, Texas carving a path of destruction through to the Dallas area, The sheer power of these nature-related funnels could be seen as power lines were uprooted, homes destroyed and trailers and vehicles were tossed about. On top of the wind damage, there has been significant damage attributed to […]