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How Does Colorado Rank on Disaster Preparedness?

Record flooding, wildfires, tornadoes, frigid temps, high winds, hail, and blizzards……we’ve got all the natural disasters you can think of! Living in a mecca of natural disasters, you’d think we’d be reasonably skilled at responding to disasters……..not so much according to the national “Ready or Not?” survey, which placed Colorado this close to the bottom […]

Intensity, Frequency of Recent Natural Disasters Amplifies Property/Casualty Claims….How Will the Insurance Industry Respond?

Guest Post by Scott Markey, Engel Martin & Associates Loss Adjuster  What an impressive year 2012 was in regards to natural disaster catastrophes. From the 9.2 million acres consumed by wildfires to Hurricane Sandy – 2012 was remarkably memorable and costly. And with powerful winter weather ahead in 2013, one question being asked is if […]