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Evaluating Roof Damage Potential By Material

Over the past week, damaging storms have hammered the Denver Metro and areas in the upper Midwest.  Night after night, the weather is relentless: flash flood warnings, heavy rains, giant hail, flickering power, and constant rumbling from massive thunderstorm cells.  Then the real flooding begins: the flood of claims to the insurance industry for wind […]

Hailstorms And Commercial Roofing Damage Analyses

Colorado’s metro area, rural areas, and regions extending northward into Cheyenne have been pelted with afternoon thunder and rainstorms over the past week.  Last night’s storm produced golfball-sized hail in Cheyenne, flooded homes and streets in Denver, and blew over trees in Elbert County, Colorado.  Following storms like this, it is very common to receive […]

The Kringle Effect and Roofs

We have all heard the carol “Up On The Rooftop:”  Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go? Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go?  Up on the housetop Click click click…  However, based on a multitude of investigations following Christmas Eve, it is apparent some of that clicking may be more than just Prancer trotting about; it may […]