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Tame the Flame: Wildfire Insight

I’m frequently asked if there is any gratification in my wildfire investigation career, and I have to say that there are several particularly rewarding aspects about my job. For one, being able to pinpoint the exact area where a fire originated, and more importantly, determining the cause of a fire is extremely fulfilling. Secondly, applying […]

Listen In: America’s Radio Network Interviews Jeff Berino, Western Colorado Incident Commander, to Discuss the Western Wildfires in the U.S.

Episode Spotlight Between Idaho, Nevada, and Washington State, U.S. fire resources are being juggled like chess pieces according to Jeff Berino, Pie’s Senior Fire Investigator and Western Colorado Incident Commander. With a record season for wildfires, followed by drought and heat, fire officials still have 52 uncontained large wildfires to put out in the U.S., […]

Waldo Wildfire Doubles in Size

Apparently, Colorado cannot get a break from the current wildfire situation with High Park as well as the five other wildfires burnign across the state. According to Xfinity News, the Waldo Canyon Fire that started (point of origin is unknown at this time) near Colorado Springs has forced the evacuation of over 32,00 Springs residents. The […]

Forensic Engineering: What does it Involve?

At Pie, our engineers will sometimes get asked in a series of excited questions, “Forensic?! Ooooh, is that like CSI?” Unfortunately, our engineers will tell you that forensic engineering is almost nothing like CSI forensic investigation. We do investigate, we do take apart or put things together to understand how an event occurred, but we […]

A Look Back on Joplin…

On May 8th, 2012, Pie visited Joplin, Missouri to see how far the rebuilding of the town had progressed nearly 1-year after the tragic and devastating EF-5 tornado wreaked havoc on May 22, 2011. Within a week of the epic tornado, Pie was on-site providing support for insurance companies, contractors, and assisting with overall rehabilitation […]