The Leap: Building Enclosure Commissioning…a LEED Prerequisite

Those who have worked within the U.S. Green Building Council‘s LEED rating system are familiar with “credits” versus “prerequisites”. For those who are not, a quick primer: credits are sought; there are many to pick from and the more you successfully achieve, the higher the “score” (high is good). On the other hand prerequisites MUST be done for all projects.

Commissioning (simply put: making sure a building works right) has been a prerequisite since the first versions of the LEED rating system family. This process has generally applied to mechanical, controls, and electrical systems. In previous and current LEED rating systems, commissioning the building enclosure was relegated to the dark, scary world of the “Innovation in Design” credit. I suspect this was a seldom sought and poorly understood credit (although a Pie project recently received this credit!).

Enter LEED 2012, still in draft form and scheduled for release soon. The most recent draft released for public comment includes the building enclosure as a PREREQUISITE system to commission. This, my fellow high performance building aficionados, is a big Leap. Are building owners aware of the Leap? Do project delivery teams understand the implications of the Leap? Do Commissioning firms, most of which do not have in-house enclosure expertise, know who to reach out to?

Pie has been been “commissioning” the building enclosure (under the auspices of consulting and testing) for over 10 years. We understand the Leap. Want to learn more? Contact one of our building science experts at 303-552-0177.

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