Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts From 2012

2012 was epic in terms of wildfires, tornadoes, hail storms, and hurricanes. We dug up the Top 10 most popular blog posts from last year for you to reread, relive, and recirculate. Enjoy!

fire - onlookers

Top 5 Causes of Seasonal Fires

One of our resident fire investigators, Mike Davidson, has come up with a list of some of the top causes of seasonal fires around the holidays. Just some food for thought for the season! Continue Reading.

After Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy: Deductible Debacle

Despite the obvious physical destruction, the fallout from Superstorm Sandy also created controversy amongst insurers and state regulators surrounding the contract language involved with damages resulting from Sandy claims. Continue Reading.

Top 6 Most Dangerous Power Tools/Household Appliances

It’s do-it-yourself summer project season and with it always comes injuries. Look close at the list below and always be sure to read/save safety instructions before using any of the tools listed here.
Continue Reading.

The Kringle Effect and Roofs

We have all heard the carol “Up On The Rooftop:” Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go? Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go? Up on the housetop Click click click… However, based on a multitude of investigations following Christmas Eve, it is apparent some of that clicking may be more than just Prancer trotting about; it may actually be the breaking of roof framing under the added weight of Santa’s sleigh and team of reindeer.
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mow mow mow

Nice Day for a Mow?

For many homeowners, lawn mowing is a weekly chore for nine months out of the year.  For commercial landscapers it is of course a daily job and depending on the geography a year-round duty.  Do-it-yourselfers recognize household names such as Toro, John Deere, Honda, and Craftsmen when it comes to lawn mowing equipment.  However, many homeowners, and often professionals, do not recognize the extreme dangers associated with this powerful equipment. Continue Reading.

Past Hurricane Damage Observations

During our past work observing hurricane-related damages, we have noticed several important and recurrent issues. They are as follows. Continue Reading.

The Leap: Building Enclosure Commissioning…a LEED Prerequisite

Those who have worked within the U.S. Green Building Council‘s LEED rating system are familiar with “credits” versus “prerequisites”. For those who are not, a quick primer: credits are sought; there are many to pick from and the more you successfully achieve, the higher the “score” (high is good). On the other hand prerequisites MUST be done for all projects. Continue Reading.

Photovoltaic cells produce electricity directl...

Solar Film: The Latest Advance in Photovoltaic Technology

Recently a group of researchers at UCLA developed a new type of solar cell technology. This technology takes the form of a nearly opaque film that is not only created from organic polymer, but is also more resilient than the typical silicon cells used in solar panels. Continue Reading.

A Twisted Tornado Season in Colorado

So we know we’re not in Kansas anymore but golly this does not look like Colorado either! The 2012 tornado season has brought two rare tornado formations to our state. Continue Reading.

Rebuilding After the Burn-Out

This weekend’s wet weather, albeit stormy, was incredibly welcomed as firefighters across the state push for 100% containment of the worst wildfire season in over a decade. Continue Reading.

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