Tornadoes Cut Through Dallas-Forth Worth, Causing Untold Damage

Damage to the Bank One Building (now known as ...

.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several tornadoes touched down in Fort Worth, Texas carving a path of destruction through to the Dallas area,

The sheer power of these nature-related funnels could be seen as power lines were uprooted, homes destroyed and trailers and vehicles were tossed about. On top of the wind damage, there has been significant damage attributed to hail the size of baseballs.

The tornadoes have died down however Dallas and Fort Worth are still under a tornado watch until 8(CT) pm tonight, although – on the bright side of things – according to Lt. Daniel Whitfield of the Arlington Fire Department there have been “…no reports of inuries..” (,0,4908437.story).

The aftermath will be a slow rebuilding of people’s lives and investments.

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