Who Said Engineers Don’t Know How To Have Fun?

The 3rd annual Cherrity Pie Festival, hosted by Pie Consulting & Engineering, is already in the works! Another pie-filled day is set for Saturday September 14, 2013 at Anchor Center headquarters.

If the third time’s a charm then we plan on tripling the fun with even mo’ love, activities, and of course, more pie! This year we are all about making it happen!

Save the date and come help us serve up a big ol’ dose of love for Denver’s Anchor Center for Blind Children. Anchor Center for Blind Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching visually impaired infants, young children and their families, while providing hope and a nurturing environment where children reach their highest potential.

Craig-Sellers-240x300Interview with Craig Sellers Pie Principal, aka the brains behind the Cherrity Pie Festival.

Why did Anchor Center have you at hello?

CS: One of our employees has a close friend whose son is a student at the Anchor Center. When we toured the Anchor Center facility my mind was made up.

Give me 3 reasons why people should come out and attend this event?


  1. This is a fundraiser for a fabulous cause in which the entire family can participate.
  2. This year is special because the Cherrity Pie Festival takes place at the Anchor Center.
  3. The opportunity to have a great time and tour the Anchor Center and meet even more students and family.

If people can’t attend the event, how else can they “make it happen”?

CS: Please consider becoming a sponsor. You can visit Cherrity.com and donate directly. Since making a 3-year commitment, the Cherrity Pie Festival has generated over $42,000 for the Anchor Center. On our 3rd and final year you can help us bust through $50,000 and beyond.

Anchor Center children truly ‘see life differently’…..how have they changed your perspective as well?

CS: The Anchor Center makes you realize that even with unbelievable challenges, there is hope. Given professional and loving support and witnessing the success stories of others, families and students continually succeed.

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