8 Top Tips for Job Seekers

8 Top Tips for Job Seekers

Finding a new job can be a challenging and overwhelming experience.  To make things more complicated, COVID-19 restrictions have posed new challenges for job seekers.  During these difficult and uncertain times, searching for jobs and performing well during interviews will become a priority across the country.  Successful job hunting requires using certain techniques to make sure you stand out to potential employers.  Here are some TOP TIPS FOR JOB SEEKERS to remember when you are participating to land the job you want.

1. Get Clear on What you Want

Before starting your job search, take the time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and the type of work you enjoy doing.  The better you know yourself, the more likely you will find a new job that provides you with greater satisfaction.  What do you want in a job?  Prioritize organizational attributes that are most important, such as, title, career advancement, the work itself, location, and company culture?

2. Research Your Target Companies

Explore what employers want before applying or showing up to an interview.  Investigate the company website, LinkedIn Career Page, or other social media platforms.  It will help you get a feel for their company culture, show them you know their business and help you explain how your skills and experience make you a good fit for their business.

3. Tailor Your Resume to Each Job

Your resume is still one of the most critical tools of a job search.  A lot of resumes are full of responsibilities instead of tangible achievements and job seekers send the same resume to various openings.  Make sure to craft an achievement-oriented resume that includes quantifiable achievements that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Make yourself an obvious fit.  Study the words and phrases in the job description and include them in your resume.  Tailor your resume on each job so recruiters and hiring managers will know within a few seconds of looking at your resume that you have the skills and experience needed for the job.

4. Create and Fine-Tune Your LinkedIn Profile

Considering that more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool, creating and fine-tuning your LinkedIn Profile is one of the best resources available for career and job search networking.

Be sure to use LinkedIn to your full advantage.  It’s a great resource for finding and connecting with people working at companies that interest you and also for positioning yourself to be found by recruiters and hiring managers with relevant openings.

5. Prepare for Interviews

Research common interview questions, create responses for them and practice those responses before you get invited to an interview.  Ask a friend or professional contact to do a practice interview with you.  Being well prepared will give you confidence and help you be more comfortable during the interview.

Developing a list of relevant questions is a crucial part of preparing for any job interview.  Asking good interview questions shows you’re engaged.  It lets your interviewer know you’ve done your research and you’re truly interested in the role and company.

6. Prepare for Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Other Virtual Conference Interviews

While COVID-19 is putting a hold on in-person interviews, companies are adjusting accordingly by conducting virtual interviews to hire top talent for their open positions.  There are critical positions to be filled and virtual conferencing software is allowing companies to continue recruiting and moving their process forward.

Start your virtual interview preparations early.  Download the software and be sure to test your computer camera and audio.  It is a good idea to do a trial run with a friend or family member to make sure you will not encounter technical difficulties in your interview.  Study best practices for video interviews.

7. Write Thank-you Notes After Interviews to All Interviewers

A quick note or email of thanks that emphasizes your interest and fit with the job and employer will not get you the job offer, but it will help make you stand out from the majority of job seekers who do not bother with this simple act of courtesy.  Crafting original, genuine thank you notes the moment you get back to your computer following the interview, will make an impact.

8. Continue Following up With Hiring Managers

Your work is not done once the interview is complete or the thank-you note is sent.  Following up with the hiring manager regularly shows your interest and enthusiasm for the job and company.  The key is doing so in a way that is professional while not making you sound pesky or desperate.

No matter what happens in your job search, be sure to stay positive.  Following these TOP TIPS FOR JOB SEEKERS will help make you stand out and improve your chances of finding the employment you desire!


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