Water Intrusion: Balconies, Decks & Elevated Walkways

April 25, 2012

The Problem: Have you ever seen an enclosed balcony, deck or elevated exterior walkway with a concrete topping slab or other surface that was leaking or had subsequent structural concerns due to the water entry? Unfortunately, these problems are all too common, but can be easily avoided if some very simple measures are taken in […]

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Noisy Neighbors or Poor Sound Isolation?

April 21, 2012

Sound isolation refers to the ability of construction assemblies to minimize the transmission of sound and isolate sound within its environment. You may enjoy listening to your favorite band play, but your neighbors may find the “noise” to be unwanted. Construction assemblies controlling sound isolation directly affect the quality of life of townhouse and condominium […]

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Product Failure Analysis

April 17, 2012

According to State Farm Fire and Casualty, washing machine hose failure alone accounts for over $100 million in losses in the United States and Canada. Such product failures can lead to numerous, costly claims. Product liability involves investigating the malfunctions of consumer products, including appliances or toys that caused or could potentially have caused personal […]

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Hail-Resistant Roofs: Fact or Fiction?

April 15, 2012

Colorado often experiences severe hailstorms that can cause devastating property damage. The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association reports that Colorado’s Front Range and Wyoming’s eastern plains, commonly referred to as “hail alley,” receive the highest frequency of large hailstones in North America. Over the past 10 years, hailstorms have caused nearly $1.7 billion in damage […]

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Lost in Confined Space

April 13, 2012

Each year, thousands of workers are injured or killed in confined spaces such as tanks, crawlspaces, trenches, and tunnels. In many instances, the confined space was not recognized as such, or the potential danger was downplayed. An individual whose line of work involves infrequent visits to a confined space can be exposed to the same […]

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Roofing in the Mountains

April 11, 2012

Roof designs for buildings in the mountains of Colorado should not be the same as those in southern California. Roofs in cold, snowy climates require special considerations to function well. Ignoring these differences can lead to impractical, problematic roofs that require excessive maintenance. Maintenance and repair work often consists of: shoveling snow and ice off […]

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Water Damage

Grading and Drainage Problems in Residential Construction

April 9, 2012

Do you often have claims resulting from water problems in basements? The causes of water infiltration are numerous, but are typically related to the immediate grading and drainage around homes. Water infiltration can result in damage to structural elements of the home and, more seriously, health issues resulting from mold and fungus under structural basement […]

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Avoid Becoming A Slip/Trip or Fall Case Study

April 7, 2012

Help me! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up! Ah, we’ve all heard this line before, and it can result in injury, pain, insurance claims, and even lawsuits. Slips, trips, and falls are real events that occur frequently and for a host of reasons, ranging from snow and ice, faulty railings, flooring issues, design flaws, […]

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Is It “Really” Hail Damage?

April 5, 2012

Hail damage…an occurance which can create work for both roofers and adjusters, but may mean a loss of revenue to insurers. Roofers love hail damage because they know they have the potential to convince a homeowner into a full roof replacement. Some adjusters dislike dealing with hail damage claims because if they don’t provide money […]

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