Arapahoe County Justice Center

Project Overview

Pie was retained to perform an on-site assessment of existing curtain wall assemblies for the Justice Center. The assessment included a visual observation of interior areas and limited exterior areas visible from the ground and roof.  The purpose of the visual observations was to evaluate the overall condition of the curtain wall assemblies and identify potential waterproofing issues (e.g., original as-built installation conditions or deficiencies, sealant or gasket failures, failed IGU’s, etc.) which were relating to uncontrolled water leakage through the system.

The condition assessment included targeted water spray testing via AAMA 501.2 to determine the source of water leakage in the existing curtain wall. In addition, selective de-glazing of approximately three curtain wall lites was accomplished to evaluate the condition of components and materials and identify deficiencies within the installations.

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