Facility Dry Room

Project Overview

The project consisted of the design and construction of dry room, controlled environment, and supporting spaces with mechanical infrastructure. The dry room is used to manufacture sensitive medical products, therefore the capabilities of the environment within which the products are built are extremely critical. Dry room designs must ensure that the proper equipment and envelope are designed to meet an operating condition of <1% RH with a maximum occupant load of eighty (80) people throughout all seasons of the year.

Working with BWBR Architects, Pie’s services included participation in a Schematic Design Phase Charrette Meeting, Design Development (DD) and Construction Document (CD) Phase Reviews, Shop Drawing and Submittal Reviews, On-Site Quality Assurance Observations, ASTM E779 & ASTM E1827 Air Barrier Performance Testing with ASTM E1186 Infrared Thermography Diagnostics.

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