Hospitality Project

Project Overview

Pie assisted in the renovations of a longstanding Denver landmark located near the state capitol, convention center, and downtown tourist area. The hotel building was constructed in 1961 and stands at 22 stories as a prominent part of the skyline of the area. Throughout 2020, the hotel underwent a full-scale renovation to modernize the interior design for current guests and address maintenance of select building enclosure systems and to determine estimated remaining service life. As a part of the renovation, the hotel team addressed below-grade waterproofing deficiencies with Pie’s assistance.

Pie began with an initial site visual assessment including electronic leak detection testing to diagnose the issue and determine water penetration entry points. Pie then used these findings to inform the design for the repairs and provided the waterproofing design documents. Pie completed the project with construction phase quality assurance and administration services and follow-up electronic leak detection testing during installation of the new waterproofing system for quality assurance verification.

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Denver, CO