Park Mayfair Condominiums

Project Overview

The parking garage at the Park Mayfair Condominiums is a two-level structure constructed with a combination of cast-in-place concrete foundation walls, structural steel columns and beams, and precast concrete double tees with a structural slab and wear slab.  The below-grade portion of the parking garage extends around all four elevations of the building with the above grade portion located only on the south elevation.  The above grade portion of the parking garage collapsed onto the lower portion of the parking garage.  This portion of the parking structure supports two sets of concrete double tees with the larger, north-south spanning concrete double tees supporting the parking lot and the shorter, north-south spanning concrete double tees supporting the grade between the north edge of the parking structure and the south elevation of the building.

Pie’s scope of work was to observe the garage structure, review documentation to determine the cause of the collapse, and provide verbal and written reporting of the findings. Upon completion of these tasks, Pie determined, to a reasonable degree of engineering certainty, that the collapse of the parking structure was the direct result of the failure of the W12x30 steel beam located adjacent to the south foundation wall of the east building and the direct result of a deficient original design in the support structure based on the manner in which the steel beam was loaded and the lack of lateral bracing of the steel beam.




Denver, CO